jQuery JavaScript Framework

About jQuery

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript Framework supporting animation and effects, Ajax interaction, event handling and more. The framework works properly in all modern browsers (such as IE 6+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari.) jQuery has well structured tutorials and helpful demos which makes learning the jQuery platform much easier.

jQuery Review by ajaxBlender

jQuery isĀ  one of our favorite frameworks to work with. It helps us to speed up development while using less code. The jQuery guys really did create a simple but still powerful library. We use it for about 70% of the JS elements components that we build.

Why Use jQuery

  • jQuery is lightweight (only 19Kb)
  • Large development community
  • Great variety of useful plugins available
  • Short syntax
  • Works fast

The only problem we see with jQuery (and it is a minor one), is that their extension (jQuery.UI) could be improved a little. It is still good, but for more advanced development of web UI controls such as sliders, window panels, modal windows, scrollers, etc., you may want to look into the Ext.JS framework.

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