• Fancy Zoom

    Framework: jQuery Listed in: Lightboxes

    This is a jQuery implementation of Fancy Zoom script. Provides a very cool zoomy effect for your inline content (does not support AJAX.)

  • Facebox

    Framework: jQuery Listed in: Lightboxes

    Facebox is a jQuery-based, Facebook-style lightbox which can display images, divs, or entire remote pages.

  • Blend Effect

    Framework: jQuery Listed in: Effects

    A jQuery based animation / effects, progressive enhancement plugin for CSS backgrounds.

  • ColorBox

    Framework: jQuery Listed in: Lightboxes

    ColorBox is a light-weight (only 9KB of JavaScript code), customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery.

  • Bumpbox

    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Lightboxes

    Bumpbox is a lightbox clone script which also supports HTML files, FLV videos, SWF files and PDF’s as well as common images.

  • Lightbox 2 (by Lokesh Dhakar)

    Framework: script.aculo.us Listed in: Lightboxes

    Lightbox2 is a script which used to overlay images on the current page. The simple and lightweight script is intended to display photos only.

  • jQuery Lightbox Plugin

    Framework: jQuery Listed in: Lightboxes

    jQuery lightbox plugin is a simple, elegant way to display your photos.