• Bumpbox


    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Lightboxes

    Bumpbox is a lightbox clone script which also supports HTML files, FLV videos, SWF files and PDF’s as well as common images.

  • ImageZoom


    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Lightboxes

    ImageZoom is a Mootools script based on Lightbox JS. The script is perfect for photo galleries, it can display large images on top of a page, and has the ability to group multiple photos in one set.

  • Litebox


    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Lightboxes

    Litebox is a modified version of Lightbox v2.0 created with one thing in mind, size reduction. Litebox utilizes the 3kb javascript library moo.fx in association with prototype.lite.

  • Mediabox Advanced

    Mediabox Advanced

    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Lightboxes

    MediaboxAdvanced is a Mootools script which supports most online media formats (such as images, twitter media, social video, flash, video, audio, inline content and external HTML.)

  • Milkbox


    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Lightboxes

    Milkbox is a lightbox-type script for Mootools. The script supports images, image galleries and flash animations.

  • Image Menu

    Image Menu

    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Menu

    Using this script for Mootools you can make a nice sliding image menu. Click the “Demo” button to see it in action.

  • Form Validation

    Form Validation

    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Forms

    This simple plugin for Mootools allows to add JavaScript validation of user input forms on your web site. The script supports different validation formats, such as numeric, date, email input.

  • Multibox


    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Lightboxes

    A nice looking lightbox script for Mootools which supports various formats, such as: images, video, audio, inline and external HTML.

  • Sortable Table

    Sortable Table

    Framework: Mootools Listed in: Tables

    The sortableTable plugin allows creating effective tables with sorting and filtering features for your website or web application. Click the “Demo” button to see it in action.

  • Rounded Corners

    Rounded Corners

    Framework: Mootools Listed in: User Interface

    This script allows you creating rounded corners for your blocks. It provides a stable, cross-browser technique to add rounded corners to blocks with HTML formatted text or images.