• Coda Popup Bubble

    Coda Popup Bubble

    Framework: jQuery Listed in: Tooltips

    Coda is one of the new web development tools for the Mac – and it’s popular amongst designers and developers I know. Panic (the developers of Coda) are also known for their sharp design. This script is implementation of Coda’s Popup Bubles in jQuery.

  • Beauty Tips using jQuery

    Beauty Tips using jQuery

    Framework: jQuery Listed in: Tooltips

    BeautyTips is a simple-to-use balloon-help style tootip plugin. Any element on the page can be set to show a talk-balloon containing any text or HTML on hover, click, or any bindable event. These balloons are drawn dynamically using the canvas HTML 5 element, and options include corner radius, spike length and width, stroke width. The balloons can auto-position based on the most available area in the current display window or they can be positioned according to an array of preferences (just left or right for instance).

  • qTip


    Framework: jQuery Listed in: Tooltips

    qTip is an advanced tooltip plugin for jQuery framework.