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About Our Site

At MediaWorks 7, we originally started ajaxBlender to feature our custom AJAX programming and web application development services. Over time and with help from our clients, we compiled so many excellent scripts, tips and tutorials that it would be a shame not to share.

After all sharing knowledge is power, so in October 2009 we re-launched ajaxBlender.com to feature these shared resources, as well as our services. We still think our old site is pretty cool, but it’s now one for the AJAX archives.

Our collection of scripts, written in the four most popular frameworks (jQuery, MooTools, script.aculo.us, and ExtJS.), is constantly updated by our team, and we welcome other JavaScript developers and web developers to add scripts and comments to help us all.

We hope you find the site helpful and will consider us if you ever require services for AJAX or custom web development.

Why Our Clients Choose ajaxBlender for Their Custom AJAX Projects

  • Experienced Programmers & Developers
  • Knowledgeable Consultation
  • Affordable Rates
  • Quick Delivery Times (most projects delivered within 24-48 hrs)
  • Complete Integration into your Website or Application (view web apps we work with)
    • WordPressThe largest self-hosted publishing platform in the world and an excellent CMS.
    • JoomlaOne of the most popular CMS platforms available. Makes creating and maintaining Web sites easy for everyone.
    • DrupalA powerful open source CMS with popular support from the developer community.
    • MagentoHighly scalable and professional open source shopping cart and e-commerce platform.
    • osCommerceFlexible open source shopping cart and e-commerce solution.
  • Delivered Code Supported within Scope Indefinitely

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About Our Team

We’re not just JavaScript developers. We are consultants, CMS guys, markup coders, graphic designers, project managers and more. Okay, there are a couple guys that sit in the corner and code all day, but trust us this is better for everyone involved. ;)

Collectively, our goal is to build state-of-the-art web applications and high end websites for us and our clients. We have completed thousands of projects from simple script integrations to complex AJAX based applications. In addition to our working with JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, MooTools, script.aculo.us, and ExtJS, we also specialize in server side development using both PHP and ASP.NET platforms.